Looming inquiry into federal judge exposes flaws with Canada’s judicial appointment process

Investigation | Published April 2016

A federal judge’s possible removal from the bench less than a year after his appointment has raised troubling questions about whether judicial candidates are properly vetted before given jobs to some of Canada’s highest courts.. More >>


Hundreds of shipwrecks pose environmental threat to Canada’s coasts

Investigation | Published January 2016

A 16×9 investigation has discovered there are hundreds of sunken ships in Canadian waters, some of which have leaked oil in the past and are at risk of doing so again. More >>


As world’s biggest polluters move away from coal, trouble for the industry

News Story | Published April 2016

The coal industry is in trouble – and has been for years. Global use of coal fell by as much as 180 million tonnes or about five per cent in the first three-quarters of 2015 versus the same period in 2014 – the largest decline in history. More >>

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